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Creative Commons Salon : Sunday, February 28, 2010 (Online diary entry)

Reaching to  Sarai was fun the venue location chosen was too good. After making myself comfortable had a great chance to talk with Mr. Gagandeep to my surprise he started programming at the age of 11 in year 1983 (OMG I just born then) and own THE COMPUTER when in India there were only three computer machines. I had a very healthy wealthy discussion round and really enjoyed his company as the fountain of knowledge flowing on. Hope will catch up him in future to have the more conversation rounds going on.Mr. Gagan also show positive response in halabol.com too. (Halabol is a social action platform that connects like-minded people, non profits and corporate organizations to bring in a positive change in the country). We already gearing it up for and ready to meet the challenges head to head.

The organizing team guy Mohak prince first gave an introductory talk on creative commons and gavw big thanks to sponsors Open video alliance, OSS Cube and Sarai.

The wall was set up and flooding up with the tweets about #ccsdel. Real time responses from the audience get the interaction going in healthier fashion.

Playback of Wireside Chat with Lawrence Lessig was the first presentation

It was totally unique in its presentation style and standing out content wise (Watch it online – http://blip.tv/file/3283837).

He talked about on various aspects of video technologies and advocate the fair use and fair codec usage.

He urged in Making art & commerce thrive in the hybrid of economy.

Some of few excerpts from his talk “Google and Amazon listen to people to be successful in real means. Some of people think the remix is not original. Its original.

Pick what is better for you not what congress (U.S) decide for you – www.fixcongressit.com . You need to open yourself as real truth never being told.”

After his video cut short as the time was running by now the turn was of

Dr. Savitri Singh ready to teach us. She is a Botanist, Principal of Acharya Narendra Dev college (principalandc@gmail.com) and most importantly Vice chairperson of WikiEducator (global organization).

As a open source advocate she urge the usage of open office formats (.odt,.odp etc) rather than to become slaves of proprietary software.

Now coming over to presentation – Open Educational Resources she told how WikiEducator come into picture and how it has grown from 100 members (2006) to 2000 members in 2008.

There was lot of difficulties initially faced educating people and training them as they were not geeks.

WikiEducator which works on Media Wiki technology. It allows people to contribute and publish the books online and print as pdf ‘your own book’.

Since every content can be modify and edited by anyone so provisions and precautionary steps are already in work flow to maintain the genuineness of content.

Knowledge is free taken from public and fed to public but under copyright acts. Probably the governing body want control over the content published (NCERT in this case)

She informed that “Knowledge is power but people confined that to themselves”.

She is also laid a very beautiful point that REAL KNOWLEDGE ALWAYS RESIDES IN PRACTITIONER.

Don’t blindly faith on market knowledge reality may be all different. Dig down deep to the roots of real knowledge.

After solving out our doubts via Q/A session we feeling hungry.

So time was for refreshment so while refreshing away got chance to interact with a guy came from pune whom I first meet in Drupal 7 Sprint and meantime had cracked jokes with Srijan folks too also share the knowledge regarding halabol.com with them.

After refreshment break it was Niyam (Mr. multiple hat ) wearing on open source pants.

The presentation topic was Evolution of Creative Commons: FDL, OPL, CC and Practical Issues in India.

Niyam leading the front by doing a small music launch under Creative Commons. In his sessions there was meditation, enlightenment, sound and real bitter truth which no one can ever told us about and we cant even think about. He said “Don’t trust on me just listen but find out on your own what the real truth is. East is just adopting the alienating culture blindly and forgotten himself.”

He played his self compose music files done in Ardour – muft or mukt (linux based audio workstation). Other creative common version – CC.0 was also discussed

After concluding all the session there was a big round of applause to mohak and kinshuk as Niyam said “On the Holi eve these guys are pushing out you handful of indians to take care of rest of indians and help them to seek truth as the age of (digital) slavery we actually living in”.

Had a nice conversation with Niyam to my big surprise he know me already because of my knowledge sharing efforts to community ( Blender(3d) Presentation in IIT under Coda Voda workshop and posted content in the community too).

So we already done our Holika dahans rituals with such nostalgic, hypnotist talk taking lead over the ignorance else it would be just another crossed out Sunday on the calendar.

For the event pictures  click and see (facebook)

Looking forward to more excitement Delhi Twestival on the way…