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Gearing for Drupal 7 Release Party in 2011 at IIT, Delhi (8-9 Jan)

Hello Diary!

So from where should I start. To celebrate the spirit of community and the new year;

It was so necessary for Drupal’s  think tanks to let the new year celebrate with no better than Drupal 7 Release party.

And see the map here http://www.drupal7releaseparty.org/

The Drupal smiles all across the world. And the date decided was 7th Jan 2011. But every region celebrating to its convenience, gathering, collaboration so date been adjusted accordingly.

Folks here in NCR region are also doing there part to gain KARMA points. Toing!


Diary,  I will also be presenting on Day 2 and hoping not to screw noobs around me 😛

Picking up a session outline which is comfortable to both experienced and new comers was not at all easy to me.

But then spending some quality hours on weekend was able to do some favor to learners and to me.

I was able to post it here the session details on 26th dec (around 9:30pm-10:30pm IST)


and the credit to this I want to give to Drupal CON San Francisco April, 2010

The rhythm of that session,  I find will be easier to digest to both of the experienced and noobs.

As earlier I was planning for … : – D

How much Drupal 7 theming is  different from D6?  And to convert a D6 theme into Drupal 7 theme for the workshop session.

So, i downloaded and tried to convert Lullabot’s 960 Robot theme on D7 setup and followed all the steps listed at Converting 6.x themes to 7.x on drupal.org

The theme shown some life.

But! BUT! 😀

I find that it will take time and it is a separate assignment all together

Moreover, I find that the Converting 6.x themes to 7.x on drupal.org page requires updating too

Anyways, Diary over to Drupal 7 now. Hurrying I have to cook some material too this weekend. Prepare, prepare.

Will check this > Link later too! (Plan your local Drupal 7 release party! – A guide)

Get started with Drupal 7


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