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Day-II Drupal7 party IIT Delhi

Pic from session presented on Day-2

So after the Day-1

Its time to catch the activities on Day-2

A super cold morning. Reached at 11:28am.

The early morning presence had around 7-8 people

The first session was of Drupal7 module workshop by Sudhir Porwal. He was on the way meantime.

So, Kinshuk was holding the grounds and going with an interactive session on Drupal and web terminolgies.

Then around 12pm Sudhir reached.

The presence also grown comfortably to 20-30 attendees till the time.

The flow of workshop was:

  • Installation of Drupal6
  • Writing a Drupal6 module
  • Installation of Drupal7
  • Then installing the same D6 module into D7. Loading with D7 module with eyes closed 😛


For the above session, I want to say that it was mainly based on writing the compatible code both for D6 and D7. And that worked with eyes closed.

This session went so long till 4:10am.

And as Sumit Kataria, already reached with Drupal7 cake to venue (around 1:40pm).

It was 4:30pm we decided to go for lunch and then cut the cake after Drupal7 theming workshop.

At 5:10am, it was time to be in presenter shoes.

The workshop session changed to more of presentation session. And I drop the activity of drupalizing a design into a D7 theme.

And communicate to go for first a presentation for first half and in next half playing video of

“What’s new in Drupal7 theming ” talk by John Albin (DrupalCon April 2010, Sans Francisco)

Honestly I was pretty exhausted at that time so take those above routes.


But there were folks to cheer me up : )

I wanted to keep the same pace for everyone irrespective of the skill level. So that newbies don’t feel left behind and puzzled with buzz words.

So, I first covered the XHTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript basics.

And same time, keeping an additional info for experienced Drupal guys. As an effort to keeping their engagement level high while covering basics (Xhtml, CSS, PHP and JavaScript).

As the slide proceeds I explained and gave the answer on below questions in the meantime.

What is XHTML?

What is a !doctype and why to use it?

What are empty tags in xhtml version of html?

Why validate and how to validate XHTML?

What is a CSS?

Why it is needed? And it’s usage.

What is a CSS BOX-MODEL? Why it is so special?

Why use web safe fonts?

And what is the other way to use web-safe fonts approach? (answered to Pratul’s question)

(If you want to use fonts other than declared web safe fonts)

What are grids? Why use grids?


Intro to PHP (It was more of a business intro)

Who created PHP?

What was its initial name and how it got the name PHP?

Why creator of PHP created this language? What were his intentions?

How Zend (A PHP company) was formed and where?

How to declare PHP variables?  Inbuilt functions

Different Type of arrays()

Difference between echo and printf()?

Why echo is more preferred as compared to printf by the developers?


JavaScript intro

Why JavaScript libraries (jQuery, Mootols) are used more as compared to self-hand coded JavaScript.


Drupal intro

Some brief touching on Drupal.org redesign (mentioning Mark Boulton)

Drupal theming & purpose?

What are regions in Drupal theming aspect?

Drupal theme anatomy and architecture.

What is the called order of different theme tpl (template) for a Drupal theme?


What’s new in D7?

What’s new in D7 theming?

Possible reasons why Garland theme (shipped theme) survived for Drupal7 ?

Shared further online resources on D7 theming. (check slide)


While the session was going on I saw a foreigner entered into room. I was little surprised.

It was getting darker and colder so I have started receiving signals from folks to wrap it. We had to cut the cake too.

So I had just shared the John Albin’s video with some of the guys and sharing of http://www.archive.org/ as there are lots of Drupal videos.

We cut the yummy cake, posed Drupal7 symbol via hands and enjoyed the group’s photo shoot!


But I just don’t like the idea of having an Indian flag on the cake. And that has caused me the real itch. I didn’t react there to spoil the party mood. But already has expressed my grievances here »

During the party time, I got a chance to talk to the person and later he told me that he was on winter vacation with his family in India. And an experienced Drupal guy from Belgium named Hans. He came to know a Drupal party is happening around in Delhi itself and rushed to the event. Umm!!! Great! That added positively to the community feel!

Thank you IIT and community!

Pics of Drupal7 release party from iskp’s flickr stream

and some uploaded on OssCube’s facebook album

Apart from the screenshot all pics from Pratul Kalia’s flickr set

Thanks to anonymous powers of the universe.

So that’s all.

Signing off!