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Catch 1% in iterative Design

Hello & Welcome!

In Last Chicago DrupalCon 2011. I have not been able to make it. I had given excuse to myself, that it was a last day submission 😛

Well! for DrupalCon London (22-26th August 2011) I again submitted on last date, pretty consistent huh!? 😀

Let see! And wait & watch.

My immediate concern in this session is to help the Drupal themer to undergo least iterations while theming.

There is always 1% work which is left. And stop the themer to reach the PSD based design to its MAX; so called PERFECTION level while doing the theming exercise.


focus will be on

Highly effective, better & sound co-ordination & collaboration between the Drupal team (big belly guys i.e. Business guys, project managers, developer, pixel caring designer & QA testers) & Clients seeking PIXEL PERFECTION!

Respecting time estimation quota for development & theming, delivering on budget  & deadlines (aka lifelines in my lingo) really becomes a fight! which goes on & on.

This session will give you THE FORMULA to help reaching the design its maximum altitude, cross browser, cross platform & yes well placed PIXELS!

And hey! don’t forget to Vote! if attending. Just rate the session via stars rating & make sure you login in!

I would like to thanks Vineet  & Isabell Schulz for the push!!

Fingers crossed.

Hasta La Vista 1%

Rest ram jaane.