HagaKure – The Book of the Samurai

Hello Everyone,

I been currently reading Hagakure, which I got to first known from

Smitten by the post, I checked out Ghost Dog. And with the Ghost Dog, I need to have this book also.

So, i would like to share the selected notes from this Special Book!

in the form of captured pics.

Hagakure: The Book Of The Samurai


Here is the Link to the all the caputred pics in set: HagaKure

The Book has been read to 50%, so in the next post.. most probably will be posting rest of the selected photos.


Plus, This is the book i have purchased from

So would like to throw some light on it..

I purchased the book for 375  (INR)

And here is the url

As soon i ordered the book, i got the confirmation call of order.

Just after 10-15 minutes of placing the order online (Dec 6).

And the  email having order details info.

Expected time of delivery was 8 business days.  But in the actual scenario, they needed additional 2-3 days. Which flipkart has explicitly declared already by the notification (separate email).

Anyways, so far so good.. I got my consignment on Dec 19.

I am happy with there service.  And The packaging of the book also.

Good going!

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Ek tha developer::Audio poem (एक था डेवलपर )

This is my first attempt on audio poem, on the crazy  life of software developer.
Inspired by the life of geeky people in IT service industry. Inspired by clients, their expectations, PMs and fellow developers.