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Selected HandPicked Slides from Interaction12 (Dublin) + bonus!

Sharing with you all.
Some of the handpicked slides from

All presented in
Interaction12 ::  Dublin, Ireland (Feb 1-4 2012) –
Now enjoy the slides!

And Bonus Screen shots from the sames slides tag –

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Talk on “Firefox, Mozilla, & Open Source: Software Design at Scale” by Mozillians in Stanford University (2009)

Some of the selected screenshots from the video uploaded by Stanford University in 2009.
This talk is given by John Lilly, CEO of Mozilla, and Mike Beltzner, Director of Firefox, share their backgrounds and perspectives on how the Mozilla project produces Firefox and on Chaordic Design!

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The video is view able & available below


Learning, Freedom & The Web (completing the book)

Hello! Diary this week too! I was able to complete a book.
Rather this is a journey than the book.

I resume studying from page-144

Previously I think I had spent around 3-4 hours to finish the half.

The site url for this

It can be purchased, downloaded as pdf  (8mb) & can be read in html version also.

Selected screen captures from Page 144 to the finish.

uploaded to the flickr set Learning Freedom And The Web #mozilla


Finishing off with “HagaKure: The Book of the Samurai”

Well! very happy to found that that the reading of the HagaKure book has been completed. It is great you finish what you start!

And the selected notes/quotes from chapter-10 & Chapter-11 and the last chapter of the same.

And believe me, the real wealth lies at the bottom of the sea.

I have uploaded 38 pics. on flickr in a separate set called HagaKure (II) –
Some of the random & some selected captures embedded below.

The Below one, i think Army of Nation also implements.


Acid test!