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Traveling to Huda Metro Station, Gurgaon

Yesterday, I traveled to Gurgaon to meet my old friend.

And omg! 25-27 metro stations in row.

And the indicator light above the entry and exit doors,

was just a like mini console,  replicated for that is easy to know the station status.

I was kept standing for 1:30 mins around, to enjoy the ride 😀

And watching the life passing by around me.

Wanted to talk the shot of Kutub minar, with the DMRC token in my hand (as it is having the kutub minar print)
But, didn’t tried as camera surveillance was on, and didn’t able to see Kutub from metro’s window. I was in standing pose.

Indeed metro is a boon for ncr. And it will be interesting on how many areas it, metro network is going to cover other areas of Delhi & NCR.

Journey end here!