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Finding Your Way as an Entrepreneur [Entire Talk]

Dropbox’s Co-Founder Drew Houston sharing his experience.
If the talk seems time consuming, you may jump to the individual sections in the talk as well (right hand side of the video player window).

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Economy of start up Software – A word from the author & developer of the ProCSSor Service

I use this service occasionally called ProCSSor to optimize and code beautify my CSS stylesheets…
But i was stopped to see the message posted by the person behind it…
I felt the urge to share it under title “Economy of start up Software”

Enjoy! :- )

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References from Portfolio section of Book “A Whole New Mind”

Recommended links and more deep digging references

Here is the list of the links from The Portfolio section of this book. A book, that focuses on

  1. Design
  2. Story
  3. Symphony
  4. Empathy
  5. Play
  6. Meaning
for a whole new mind! And answers Why right brain thinking is important in the conceptual age of abundance.

Portfolio Section




  1. Story by Robert Mc kee – Writer says confidingly – That it will change the way you watch movies (
  2. Stealing Fire from the Gods
  3. Beyond Bullet Points
  4. Presentation Zen
  5. Understanding comics: The invisible art
  6. The Hero with thousand faces

Drawing is about relationships Brian Bomeisler


  1. Ludwig Van Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony
  2. Mozart – Symphony No. 35 – Haffner
  3. Mahler – Symphony No. 4 in G Major
  4. Tchaikovsky – 1812 Overture
  5. Haydn – “Surprise” Symphony in G Major
  • For breakthroughs –
  • Create an inspiration board ( I also prefer to use the same)

6 Books for Symphony

  1. Beethoven’s Anvil – Music in mind and culture
  2. Power of 10 – Charles & Ray Eams – 76 pages
  3. Dialogue – Art of thinking together
  4. Metaphors We live by George (best book on metaphors)
  5. How to see – George Nelsen
  6. Ten faces of innovation –  RAW ideas site


  1. Emotional Intelligence 
  2. Charles Darwin – Expression of Emotions in Man & Animals (written after Origin of Species)

some of Empathy test

  1. (Female’s brain) Empathy Quotient by Simon Baron Cohen’s 60 Questions & another test for systematizing quotient (man’s brain)
  2. BBC’s Paul Ekman – Fake Smile 20 Questions
  3. Mind in the eyes test Simon Baron Cohens
  4. Meyer Slaves Caruso emotional intelligence test
  5. Micro Expressions & do check more study by Paul Ekman (Telling lies, Micro expression training tool, subtle expression training tool)


Be serious with play, be serious with fun.

  1. Join a Laughter club –
  2. The Naked Cartoonist: A New Way to Enhance Your Creativity & The Complete Cartoons of the New Yorker


Who moved my cheese on How to deal with change in your life

  1. Man searching for meaning – Victor Frankel
  2. Authentic Happiness – Martin E. P. Saligman (not read by most, author surprised!)
  3. Flow
  4. What should I do with my Life
  5. Mind Fullness
  6. Art of Happiness – Dalai Lama
  7. Art of Happiness at Work
  9. Sabbath

And most importantly, the audio version of this book is available too!

Help me correct mistakes, if you noticed them.

Thank you readers!