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Drawing on the Medium

[9:30 AM]
Walking on the roads, saw a sign…

i don’t know what it look like, but i wanted to mold up.

Car number plates, looks like angry robots teeth. When i came closer to them while driving, the grin become larger.

As if  is it did not like me, my car coming closer… i maintained a distance.

Then stepped out, after parking the car.
Saw a metal strip loosely hanging… from the ceiling

Aah! this is hanging down from bottom to top, it can hurt some one… probably a tall person

lets give my  hand to it and give this a little push as a temple bell.

Now, where i have to go?

Will i take lift or stairs.
If i take stairs i will sweat, it is summer morning… i don’t want to sweat while i enter. Deodorants, sprays mix with body sweat… give out some different odor.  If i sweat heavily there will be …liquid circles beneath the arm. As if ink travels in water, but rather slow in ‘body case’

Aah! here comes the lift. I like this lift… the touch panels are nice. Apple  everywhere, world needs iPad touch… almost on all gadgets?
But with the touch panels (lift), there is a concern that the touch has to proper, the touch icons does not give you feedback if it’s pressed proper or not. The illuminated status symbols confirm that they have received the pressure from the finger pressed.

[4:40 PM]
i came out, saw this crack, it appears as if i am watching Kali Mata – Indian Goddess, Most fiercest representation.
Flashback, As a kid i remember, i felt terrified when i saw the painting in some one’s house temple.

Anyways, back in the moment…I clicked it & then waited for couple of weekend to publish this all.

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i can’t completely say, if the title of this post is alright.

But i will stick to it for a while, and will change to something else, if something more exciting appears.

That’s all for now!
Bye Dairy Diary!

i is used intentionally, in the smaller case; Human figure.