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Smelling Java {like a noob}

SO, Joined on 5th Nov, the 5th company on the block.

Well what i can say now, this organization is completely process oriented 😀

Some processes are really slow. And they can’t be over ridden by any means.

Say for e.g A, B and C… are process.

So, as per the agreed process workflow pattern A succeeded by B and further by C.

And in no way, ACB or CBA. The organization runs on a well defined hierarchy.

After going through the applications which are being used to run the internal process with in the organization

The app. does has serious user interaction issues. And probably the reason is, it is developed by developers who write piles of back end code. And at the front end the situation is very different. As user is not bothered how the results he/she presented to him/her.

What matters the most, it is peaceful and clean to use the interface controls and easier to look for action items, which his/her desire controls. Based on my previous experience, i think (with blessings from GOD) i probably will be rolling out clean changes on the product application i am working these days.

First day was crazy for me, and spent in knowing various small abbreviated terms… and once these terms are expanded to 3-4 words, then whole process can be seen, reflected from it.

An organization having 1200+ people for 9 hours in office. That way, it becomes your professional home.

Just talking a brief on the product whom, usability i will be improving … will require

  1. first taking care of the code structure and how files are managed, thorough knowledge of the code arch. how all this been setup.
  2. Careful inspection of the code, that will run from the codebase meant for front end flavours
  3. Removing and addition of the code libraries, snippets and proper code commenting, yes documentation is been avoided. but atleast comment are there to serves as the arrow for the different road directions
  4. Then checking the interface, finding the place where the interaction and visual appearance is not coming out tangible.
  5. Finding all these areas, logging them down and discussion with all the stakeholders (development team)
  6. After discussion, make subtask explain action items and resolve them with code. Do a code check-in/code commit and specify the subtask in the svn’s commit message window. So, that once the sprint is over… all the different subtask resolved can be seen under worklog for a particular well defined sprint.
  7. A product is always polished and furnished slow and slow. With every nifty blow of light and big hammer it is sculpted, just like stone acquire a shape. Once the core shape is acquired, further level of refinement, for the better touch sense for humans. Touch  helps to connect two or more entities and energy can be felt both ways and may be synced? (Do you remember the movie AVATAR?) Lamination and polishing is also good for well reflected and shiny clean product.
  8. Also it also good to keep in mind, that every mistake done by any colleague in agile /scrum team… everyone knows about it. Better to keep an ERROR LOG knowledge repository. That can served as great worklog and with the suitable metrics poured in, one can get an idea. How quick and good, we are not repeating our mistakes :- )
  9. As far as the spring framework for java is concerned, i been trying to learn quick from the JSP and the words such as Maven, Jetty, Ant, Eclipse Indigo, tiles are also new addition in my tech. vocabulary.
  10. People are nice friendly and discipline on attendance and working hours has to be logged. Else you will feel short of some currency 😀
    Good thing is also that, i have already done my first commit on 8th Nov. Thank God! Now i am really into a corporate culture and that means a bigger Game plan. Not just snake and ladders.
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2 days to Go

After working for more than 5 years in PHP domain, as UI Developer and UX Designer(Lead)
I will be focusing and moving into Java Domain and will be focusing on solving the usability problem.
The scope and impact will be very huge.

Tomorrow is the last day and relieving day from the services.
Hoping for the best, that i will give best of me.
Does n’t matter how the circumstances either motivate or completely against.

That’s all!

This below image, I have clicked on 2nd Nov the Final show down day.

And today is 3rd Nov, will be around for Advanced Diwali Celebration in Office and for great fun!