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Dilemma between Customer-Centricity and Self Respect

Couple of months, I been facing this question… and I have thought over a time to write a post on it… but now is the time.

incorporating my personal work experiences.

“Dilemma between Customer-Centricity and Self Respect”

So, there it goes…

Business proposal guys send the proposal to the potential clients.

And sometimes to win the deal of the customer, they go ahead and try to promise too much to the client.

And these business promises need to kept somehow & anyhow.

Project manager get to know about all the overall picture.

The work been allocated into months and decorated by milestones, client billing etc. Based on the person ability it further been assigned to them.

Clients generally tend to push the team which is present at overseas and it holds true for domestic client too. Every client prefers s/he get extra value and get extra miles delivered for some good discount.  Project manager tend to push the local workforce (developer, designer, tester etc.)

How much the local workforce find pleased to cater to his/her project manager and value his/her work in catering to the project manager whims and fancies to please the Client, depends on their personal aims, goals and career plans. 

Some folks works in just like screen saver mode, not much glued and connected to their work. Good to say not too much aligned with organization goals and that is their way of working.

The self-respect of the serving individual irrespective of his/her role in organization tend to fall in compromising zone. But, for one better survival one should keep their self-respect confided and safe while addressing to challenging situations & catering to customer.

A workforce should/may :-

  • Keep open to new ideas always and not afraid to present to clients.
  • Trying new things & trying differently but also balancing with deadlines.
  • Always have willingness to learn, anyways if you are not willing to learn, it is like being in learning gear and with mental brakes applied.
  • Understanding the pain points, keeping patience while listening to customer’s feedback.
  • Maintaining good health on personal and professional ethics, staying away from gossips which has no meaning at work place.

If as an individual the workforce’s self-respect and dignity is compromised, a worker can’t address the varying equation of customer-centricity.

Workers should keep up high self-respect, this equation of customer-centricity can be touched and solved in multiple attempts… but for the same self-respect and prestige have to be high on the wheels.

Just to summarise this, I will prefer to break down the equation of customer-centricity in smaller modules and work on it… just like divide and conquer, and working on it parts by parts and struggling for solutions and solving them and in turn gaining more faith from client.
The increased momentum of respect, faith and confidence can help to solve the complex portions of the left out components of the customer-centricity equation.

By the way, on a separate note apart from the above question..

In enterprise level systems..

we tend to write our intelligence & build great logics, that resolves out the question arising from complexity.

But as end result, also build bigger complexity logic and that is kept piling up on ourselves too.

How great it can be, if the complexity can be dissolved back to simplicity, and the system can be designed in a way, that you do not need to wait desperately too much to get the working updates from development machine and which can been further quickly sent as status update to manager and client.

There is always  a need of flexible system and better if that people also been nurtured in the flexible way and thus by building flexible system.

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Thoughts for a Rock Band

Post written on May 10th 2013

i always wanted to sing on stage with some fellow.

cry my heart out and cry out with melody

i have a guitarist, who sits with me… i want to practice hard with him… give some nifty vocal chord exercise

the voice on which people can jump, dance along, which can speak straight to the heart, unlock every door and maze, or any jantar mantar type of architecture, i want to lift their souls up, Saravasti Maa keep me as your bless child. Without you nothing is possible.

world is crazy for Lakshmi mata, but to speak to the hearts you are there on our tongue which further travels to heart and the software of it, which control this.

thought on the name of rock band will be called – AtamHatya

but we want to kill the dark side of our atma, which prevent us to reach to our divine side, atamhayta will be complete spiritual/ruhani band with no vulgar lyrics and no drug, no liquor name, no vulgar words etc.

hunny singh is good, but these guys is high on liquor and on dope also.

why the artist and musicians has to go to such taste liquor, dope and green grass, can’t they utter a single lyrics without it?