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Life in Pictures – Stanley Kubrick (Documentary)

Stanley Kubrick phenomenal American director, screenwriter, producer, cinematographer etc. As far the movies he directed & produced, he does not need any introduction.
He was born in 26th June 1928. Recently, i got to know about the documentary about him. I just feel BIG WOW!!!! OMG!! when i watched this.

Director of movie – Shining, Full metal jacket, Space Odyssey, Eyes wide shut etc.
Below are the selected stills from the documentary.

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Documentary: Eat your Enemy

Today, I watched a phenomenal documentary called Eat your Enemy.

I strongly recommend you to watch this, to touch your aggressive, violence and spiritual side.

Ok! Let us put in other way… if you have some interest in calligraphy & Japanese martial arts.

And here is the link on Culture

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Below are some selected frame capture.

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