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Placeholder post 2016

Adding this post in this leap year, past years passed as blank cheque for this blog.

Caught in strange part of land. Huddle and move out of life up and down loops.

Radio signals converted into wi-fi signals. Will write and update this post, as brain start wandering and focus back on this again.



Setting Targets to Organizational behaviour and Human Psychology

MA psychology II year.

Damn the result is out. got 2 backs..

anyways..  will clear them out.. have read them all in jiffy, even if it got passing marks i am considering myself lucky. I just took one day to open the books in some of the subject, but attended the classes. There are not very much helpful to the questions asked in the exam…

But helped me in learning the various aspects and scenarios from lecturers, as they shared the experience.

i have my targets on II year, from the first day, when i have enrolled myself into the course.

Accomplishing the organization targets, that is big deal… infact there are so many folks with MBA and HR degrees to accomplish this task.

I am just being a artist and somewhat technical person, but i think i can related more closer to developers and project managers. I have noticed the HR people are somewhat lost creatures :- D

what good thing, if i tell you about.. in the organizational level meeting, the Vice president HR of the company, said “Talk to me”
On the question of whether you are open for internship in the organization of 3 months. I am hoping for best, that this way, i will be able to touch some portion of the life of people, affecting them desirably… sometimes a problem need creative way of solving.. which excel sheet guys can’t always able to do… will write more blah here!

Because they do not understand the technology, for a sound HR professional you should have good ass burning technical exposure and also the HR degree you can boast on the same anyway. But remember, never boast.. it just do not work.

By aligning myself to HR viewpoints i should be able to know worst and best of both of the world.

This above note had been written on 9th august 2013.
Recently in december i had given the 2 exams, hoping to clear them out.

Now, targets i am left with Assignments, practical and internship and the changes which will start.


Some fun with Alchemy app


Some fun with Alchemy app


Caught into surroundings

Done it, 5 months back


Caught into surroundings


Learning, Freedom & The Web (completing the book)

Hello! Diary this week too! I was able to complete a book.
Rather this is a journey than the book.

I resume studying from page-144

Previously I think I had spent around 3-4 hours to finish the half.

The site url for this

It can be purchased, downloaded as pdf  (8mb) & can be read in html version also.

Selected screen captures from Page 144 to the finish.

uploaded to the flickr set Learning Freedom And The Web #mozilla


self-thought (knowledge and the power play activities)

Don’t know why when some people able to gain some knowledge about a domain. They began to act as Governing body of the same. Knowledge is not a property

And if you try to control this medium. You will be blown away! So better to swim across through it. Not store  it like as your private property.

Let the Knowledge flow!

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