OSI Days 2010 (The Chennai experience)

css3 logo for the presentation

(This is the image screenshot from the web slide from the presentation I gave at OSI Days 2010)

I was travelling to Chennai the capital of Tamil Nadu for first time ever with my TEAM at @osscube

First official trip of course!

Reached there on 18th September and stayed in BLOSSOM APARTMENTS, Chennai – T.Nagar.

Initially I was not part of the speaker list but luckily it happened because of the God Will. And happened when I joined OSSCube in August 2010

The event started on 19th September 2010 and We started kicking fast and pulling socks in co-organizer shoes.

First day it was a bit tricky to handle things as We were doing this co-ordination for the first time.  After the registration I was asked to take on the HALL – C by Vineet Sir.

I had lots of excitements while handling that HALL. As there most of Drupal sessions were going to happen in that HALL for this particular day.I with my team mate Ankur Aeran were there for the same.

First the session was of Prajwala Manchikatla I know him via twitter and its good to connect with her in the Real. I am very happy to see her that people from remote part of India are making it big by working with Open Source technologies. Moreover she had a very encouraging team/seniors with her. They were giving her a lot of push and encouragement while her session was going on.

Yeah some technical issue specially the proper availability and coverage of Wi-Fi was biggest concern. It was playing hide and seek with us.  Rather if  Wi-Fi been kind to us at the venue then the twitter’s stream overflowed with hastag #osidays.
And would have helped in remote engaging.

After Prajwala Manchikatla there was session of  Markus Franz on Citizen Journalism on Drupal

Curious mind asked late of questions from the speaker. They were very engaged in the question and answers round!

But for me the afterward session by Dave Hall on How to run Hundreds of Drupal Sites – Easily Workshop was very informative and its had the biggest strength of audience for that day attendees presence.

Dave Hall desperately needs the Wi-Fi for his session but as the Wi-fi was playing pranks. So it was a tricky for him to manage things at that level.

By the way coming to session content he talked and demonstrated the Aegir hosting system how to have multi-site installation via it.

Then our brains were full and stomachs were hungry. So the lunch and networking session was much awaited.

Now we have Gaurav Kumar on RDF in Drupal 7 and what it means for the web at large

RDF is very COOL! Rest you can explore on yourself while playing with Drupal 7.

I know about Gaurav Kumar already since I had attended his presentation in Drupal 7 sprint in Pune. Since I was also there to present the session and contribute

Next Denis Lafont-Trevisan was there on the stage with his session on Typical architectures to scale large Drupal Implementations

As a real sum up of his presentation on my take

Here is the picture from my flickr pool click here

Some of the points mentioned there in I am already following with the Drupal theming/front-end stuff.

So it was a nice reality self check for me.

Then we had on Introduction to Kaltura by Jason Levitt. The sessions started with some hiccups. But when it started we the audience and Jason Levitt were the most happiest people on the planet at that moment.

Kaltura is an excellent platform for online video management, creation, interaction & collaboration. There is a free open source and paid version of the service available. Jason Levitt pointed he is associated with the open source version of this platform.

Then Marek Sotak was getting late for his session on What’s new in Drupal 7 theming So, We have to pause the Q/A round between Jason Levitt and the audience. Marek gave a walk-through via his slide. And I had some questions buzzing in my mind. Mean time to share with you He is also the author of Root Candy theme. He has hell lot of experience in speaking  at Drupal camp & conferences and organizing the same also. Nice!

You can also check his slide here Self explaining!

The Day 19th is over now


The Day 20th ( Presentation Day – Harnessing CSS3 for a Beautiful Web )

The day was smooth for me so I decided to tweak the presentation and some last time skin pulling and pushing.

I was tweaking my presentation in HALL E where Symfony 2 Workshop by Fabien Potencier was running. I was the unwanted element there 😛 (HALL D)

Before lunch I was all ready.

I reached there early and found that Kevin Schroeder was on the stage for Using Zend Server to run you PHP Applications (HALL B)

He was very relaxed. Of course a highly seasoned speaker.  But didn’t know somehow the nervousness bug caught me :D.  Guess I need to open up with in few minutes. So i preferred to drink water as my heart was sinking drinking the water will make it float well. After Kevin I was on stage though a bit crowd shy but when the wheel gains the momentum you need not to worry after that. And I have noticed from myself the voice from the mic act as self booster for the rocket to launch in progress.

The feedback and the crowd attention helped me to carry on with my slide running in browser. My Heart Felt thank you people for all that patience. And the claps after the session which hit my every where give a wind to potential of the mind of the audience which converted into kinetic energy via claps

I was satisfied. I did my job. To show the OSI Days logo done purely in CSS3 as I want to show the practical thing in place. Theory and practical always have a huge gap. So I preferred sticking to later one to give some meaningful from the basics covered.

You can revive the slide experience live again click here

Now David Coallier on PHP 5.3, a walkthrough He is a very energetic and crazy guy. The flow of the words was simply tremendous when the the time was running by.

Next Prajwala Manchikatla had her session on Core concepts of worlds most misunderstood language –Javascript

And also she recommended a book on JavaScript called JavaScript: The Definitive Guide by David Flanagan

Next presentation was on Subversion 1.7 and the future of features by Senthil Kumaran S from Active Collab

Smart question asked and answered!

One crazy question that strike to my mind. “Why not to have some what similar subversion for Database?”

Since DB sync is a very time consuming process. Senthil Kumaran S helped me with the same.

Last Day 21st

I attended session on Emerging Technologies for Analytics for Large Data Volumes by Roger Burkhardt, President and Chief Executive Officer of Ingres Corporation . And from the presentation I deduced one thing how the hardware and software have to beautifully coupled to get the max. from both of them. The showcased Vector wise technology performance is beastly tremendous.

And then we have Sonali Minocha from OSSCube Team (current company) on MySQL Performance Tuning: Top 10 Tips

I saw lot of people taking notes from the slides.

Then we had Murthy Raju on Largescale Linux Deployments – Automated Solutions and Tejas Shah from Microsoft corp. on Developing and deploying top PHP applications on Windows with Webmatrix and WebPI

After attending all these sessions I had to catch my flight to go back to the Pavilion that is New Delhi.

It was a great event that I was able to connect with lots of genius and talented from different community and industry. And those which I was not able to catch.  Will Catch you next time ;- ) Let the clock ticks.



The presentation from the slide is also available here or you may also check at the twitter stream of the speaker in case if its not there yet.

Some of the Speaker list with there twitter handle

Some pics. from my flickr pool and from osscube-solutions

and you can also fetch some post from google. Ok! let me google or bing ? or twitter ?

Happy Learning

Hasta La Vista!