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DelTwestival Goes Ga Ga @Cafe Morrison \m/_

Yo! Delhi Twestival happened. Divided its banging glamour into multiple streams the twittermedia, print media [1][2] and yours blood stream, If the excitement still bubbles out.

Whether it was magnanimous rock performance by Five 8 band or an outstanding comedy performance by Rajneesh Kapoor in the mecca of Rock music.

The tweeples has it all in the harmony of tweet meet and giving piece of pie to needy.

And the media coverage and hash tags #deltwestival powered tweets in twitterverse gave an excellent encouragaing and engaging reason to be there. Guess I missed all the pool of entertainment and fun.  Lets have one more in the row.  ‘Once more :P’.

As a contributor it’s important to give back to society and World wide organization ‘Concern Worldwide” is doing it right by encompassing the twitter social and business interaction model.

Great was the fact that the Twestival became the largest money contributor to social causes by harnessing the power of social media. Delhi twestival itself scored 1000 USD in its mark. But we can raise the contribution figures more if that would have happened on weekends too.

It could have bring more cheers to the community. Kudos to the Twestival!!!!

A pie of jubilation of tweeps while attending twestival and a reason to interact with your twitter circle. The friend who were just 140 character away

were there to have fun and share their interests. Lets become offline in here ! (“lets gets started in here”)

In the world, which is full of agony, if we can add happiness and some value to other people it returns back with the double interest. It is worth!!

So those who are having their share of pie should not be ashamed and turn a blind eye to support the noble causes. It’s worth it.  Really..

CSR is keyword setup up by companies who want to give back.  Markets needs encouragement and CSR helps you to have it!

Claps to young Turks who made it possible and the sponsors

Visit Delhi twestival official site :