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References from Portfolio section of Book “A Whole New Mind”

Recommended links and more deep digging references

Here is the list of the links from The Portfolio section of this book. A book, that focuses on

  1. Design
  2. Story
  3. Symphony
  4. Empathy
  5. Play
  6. Meaning
for a whole new mind! And answers Why right brain thinking is important in the conceptual age of abundance.

Portfolio Section




  1. Story by Robert Mc kee – Writer says confidingly – That it will change the way you watch movies (
  2. Stealing Fire from the Gods
  3. Beyond Bullet Points
  4. Presentation Zen
  5. Understanding comics: The invisible art
  6. The Hero with thousand faces

Drawing is about relationships Brian Bomeisler


  1. Ludwig Van Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony
  2. Mozart – Symphony No. 35 – Haffner
  3. Mahler – Symphony No. 4 in G Major
  4. Tchaikovsky – 1812 Overture
  5. Haydn – “Surprise” Symphony in G Major
  • For breakthroughs –
  • Create an inspiration board ( I also prefer to use the same)

6 Books for Symphony

  1. Beethoven’s Anvil – Music in mind and culture
  2. Power of 10 – Charles & Ray Eams – 76 pages
  3. Dialogue – Art of thinking together
  4. Metaphors We live by George (best book on metaphors)
  5. How to see – George Nelsen
  6. Ten faces of innovation –  RAW ideas site


  1. Emotional Intelligence 
  2. Charles Darwin – Expression of Emotions in Man & Animals (written after Origin of Species)

some of Empathy test

  1. (Female’s brain) Empathy Quotient by Simon Baron Cohen’s 60 Questions & another test for systematizing quotient (man’s brain)
  2. BBC’s Paul Ekman – Fake Smile 20 Questions
  3. Mind in the eyes test Simon Baron Cohens
  4. Meyer Slaves Caruso emotional intelligence test
  5. Micro Expressions & do check more study by Paul Ekman (Telling lies, Micro expression training tool, subtle expression training tool)


Be serious with play, be serious with fun.

  1. Join a Laughter club –
  2. The Naked Cartoonist: A New Way to Enhance Your Creativity & The Complete Cartoons of the New Yorker


Who moved my cheese on How to deal with change in your life

  1. Man searching for meaning – Victor Frankel
  2. Authentic Happiness – Martin E. P. Saligman (not read by most, author surprised!)
  3. Flow
  4. What should I do with my Life
  5. Mind Fullness
  6. Art of Happiness – Dalai Lama
  7. Art of Happiness at Work
  9. Sabbath

And most importantly, the audio version of this book is available too!

Help me correct mistakes, if you noticed them.

Thank you readers!

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Selected HandPicked Slides from Interaction12 (Dublin) + bonus!

Sharing with you all.
Some of the handpicked slides from

All presented in
Interaction12 ::  Dublin, Ireland (Feb 1-4 2012) –
Now enjoy the slides!

And Bonus Screen shots from the sames slides tag –

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Talk on “Firefox, Mozilla, & Open Source: Software Design at Scale” by Mozillians in Stanford University (2009)

Some of the selected screenshots from the video uploaded by Stanford University in 2009.
This talk is given by John Lilly, CEO of Mozilla, and Mike Beltzner, Director of Firefox, share their backgrounds and perspectives on how the Mozilla project produces Firefox and on Chaordic Design!

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The video is view able & available below


HagaKure – The Book of the Samurai

Hello Everyone,

I been currently reading Hagakure, which I got to first known from

Smitten by the post, I checked out Ghost Dog. And with the Ghost Dog, I need to have this book also.

So, i would like to share the selected notes from this Special Book!

in the form of captured pics.

Hagakure: The Book Of The Samurai


Here is the Link to the all the caputred pics in set: HagaKure

The Book has been read to 50%, so in the next post.. most probably will be posting rest of the selected photos.


Plus, This is the book i have purchased from

So would like to throw some light on it..

I purchased the book for 375  (INR)

And here is the url

As soon i ordered the book, i got the confirmation call of order.

Just after 10-15 minutes of placing the order online (Dec 6).

And the  email having order details info.

Expected time of delivery was 8 business days.  But in the actual scenario, they needed additional 2-3 days. Which flipkart has explicitly declared already by the notification (separate email).

Anyways, so far so good.. I got my consignment on Dec 19.

I am happy with there service.  And The packaging of the book also.

Good going!

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Slide & Audio from my presentation at OSIDays 11

(Posting the immediate feedback)

After the presentation OSI Days 2011:: Catch the 1% in iterative design.

Nobody asked a single question! Audience was silent. As audience had more developers, project managers & only 2-3 designers.

The after effect of this presentation was more of…as asking developers to design. but if they can grab it. They can try that too & Do! It is not about html/css/random language.

It is about The Path. And walking on it. But the path has to be traced.

So, would like to say ‘Welcome to path tracing’.

But for the designers, they can be more KICK Ass & more detail oriented with the theming.

Though one developer(girl) said, “One thing i sure, You are really good at theming. And you can show some more live example..with the code.”

But! aaah! I have to wrap that in 30mins. As per the presentation, was surprised that i wrapped that in 0:28:08

I have also recorded the audio during the presentation. You may check the slide & audio.

I feel that I should present that in more top notch design conferences. As it help you to be more top notch with your front end & theming skills & Talent. Performing beyond the client expectations.

Yeah! thing may suck at some time. I just want to help you, to stay comfortably, not just on your toes. But in relaxed manner.

And over the period of time, will be looking more into path tracing & doing some or little contribution.

Slide link –

Audio link –

Flickr stream –

Hasta La Vista! Baby!


Take aways & lessons for me from Triggr

Yesterday, just attended with my pal & colleague Tarun

The Design & Technology event – Triggr

The take away i want to summarize here as follows:-

  1. Reach before time & not to miss quality session, specially the one you are really interested in (lesson for me, I missed the first one on UX driven web apps)
  2. A event well rehearsed and well targeted minimize lot of noise and hiccups while the show is on.
  3. Always good to network with people whom you interact more in online mode. Face to Face is life.
  4. Listening to market helps. Client can also help in saving bucks you if they see your cause is good & genuine (Harpreet Grover, Cocubes)
  5. If you are really looking into setting up your own startup. Collaborate with other start up brains. If not professionally, at least stay in touch. Communication solves the problem. Learn from each other experience and the puzzles solved.
  6. If you are really passionate for your project/product. Chances are fairly high that will help build a passionate user base, who love to help you also!  (deduced after discussing with Jay Meattle @meattle)
  7. Food have to be, have to be YUMM! (tasty) And yes it was very GOOD!
  8. Hold onto schedule, don’t leave early. Give some time to yourself.
  9. Marketing campaigning helps a lot & it was brilliant. Effectively done.
  10. And most importantly keep the expectations in check! too much hurts.

Slideshares from :-