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Slide & Audio from my presentation at OSIDays 11

(Posting the immediate feedback)

After the presentation OSI Days 2011:: Catch the 1% in iterative design.

Nobody asked a single question! Audience was silent. As audience had more developers, project managers & only 2-3 designers.

The after effect of this presentation was more of…as asking developers to design. but if they can grab it. They can try that too & Do! It is not about html/css/random language.

It is about The Path. And walking on it. But the path has to be traced.

So, would like to say ‘Welcome to path tracing’.

But for the designers, they can be more KICK Ass & more detail oriented with the theming.

Though one developer(girl) said, “One thing i sure, You are really good at theming. And you can show some more live example..with the code.”

But! aaah! I have to wrap that in 30mins. As per the presentation, was surprised that i wrapped that in 0:28:08

I have also recorded the audio during the presentation. You may check the slide & audio.

I feel that I should present that in more top notch design conferences. As it help you to be more top notch with your front end & theming skills & Talent. Performing beyond the client expectations.

Yeah! thing may suck at some time. I just want to help you, to stay comfortably, not just on your toes. But in relaxed manner.

And over the period of time, will be looking more into path tracing & doing some or little contribution.

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Audio link –

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Hasta La Vista! Baby!

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Catch 1% in iterative Design

Hello & Welcome!

In Last Chicago DrupalCon 2011. I have not been able to make it. I had given excuse to myself, that it was a last day submission 😛

Well! for DrupalCon London (22-26th August 2011) I again submitted on last date, pretty consistent huh!? 😀

Let see! And wait & watch.

My immediate concern in this session is to help the Drupal themer to undergo least iterations while theming.

There is always 1% work which is left. And stop the themer to reach the PSD based design to its MAX; so called PERFECTION level while doing the theming exercise.


focus will be on

Highly effective, better & sound co-ordination & collaboration between the Drupal team (big belly guys i.e. Business guys, project managers, developer, pixel caring designer & QA testers) & Clients seeking PIXEL PERFECTION!

Respecting time estimation quota for development & theming, delivering on budget  & deadlines (aka lifelines in my lingo) really becomes a fight! which goes on & on.

This session will give you THE FORMULA to help reaching the design its maximum altitude, cross browser, cross platform & yes well placed PIXELS!

And hey! don’t forget to Vote! if attending. Just rate the session via stars rating & make sure you login in!

I would like to thanks Vineet  & Isabell Schulz for the push!!

Fingers crossed.

Hasta La Vista 1%

Rest ram jaane.

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My experience with Drupal Gardens Usability Test – Advanced Theming (remote test – 1 hour)

On 18th October (Monday) I spent an hour with remote Acquia team & Drupal Gardens for usability testing.
The timing proposed and scheduled for 9pm IST which means that will work perfectly for me and the team at Acquia

There were two site. One themed site see the screenshot attached.

And the other one was a separate test site (below one) on which i have to carry out the theming tasks in a specified order (see the screenshots attached) and to make the below site to look as above one.

This was the priorities order to execute the theming tasks from the user end. That was to be carried out on white background site (above screenshot)

(Click on image for a larger version)


(Click on image for a larger version)

Overall the task were fairly easy with already having a Drupal theming and site building experience.

But it took some time to me also initially to find the necessary tabs. And to execute the necessary theming tasks from Drupal Gardens front end theming controls only! But with increased time I was able to get more momentum.

The test team also had expectations from the test. That’s what I have judged and noticed during the test.

  • Is the end user able to carry out the individual task and whats the mental path followed to do the same
  • Whats the Drupal exposure of the end user tester and how long he/she is working with Drupal & skill set.
  • The mental and verbal blanks uh mm and erm during the test. And the notes were also taken for the same (For which I am very sure!).
  • Are the front end (drupalgardens) theming controls are self explanatory or intuitive enough?

I had also some expectations and questions from my side.

My questions were as follows (which I had asked in the beginning of the test) :

  1. How long the testing is going on drupalgardens?
  2. Whats the overall response Acquia have been getting from the community?

Ofcourse, there answers are not that easy. And probably the work ethics not allowed to talk FREELY on these points from this end point.

Anyways that was also some sort of feedback from my end, apart from the points addressed and feedback after the test more from the UX end.

This was the first usability test and  a fresh exercise that I have done as end test user. Apart from doing lots of Drupal theming development and cross browser testing (3 years till date)

Build Better and Happy Usability testing Acquia 😀 !