Self Analysis:: Which one is dominant the Left or Right Brain?

Are you a left brain or right brain oriented person?

To answer this, i took some quizes with varied results

40% Left Brained, 60% Right Brained

Left Brain Dominance: 14
Right Brain Dominance: 8

 Right Brain 43.6% Left Brain 56.4%

And this last one, concluding on the 50 = 50 note!

And the last one on EI


THE KILLING FIELDS (1984) movie’s fast review

The year is 1979, Cambodia’s civil war. The Killing fields.
I found it the most phenomenal & depressing movie
i have ever watched, there is so much..
killing, human emotions, skeletons & bones.
and Awestruck! to see that’s based on real story of news reporter of New York times and his Cambodians guide.
The imagine song at the Climax by John Lennon is the only song that can only bring the real justice for the peace & brotherhood
on the one & only blue planet called earth.

Watching so many movies based on war, there is a point that.. do we human beings love peace. Or we do we become dead tired, after fighting so much…
If that is why… India is known as the peaceful country???

It has seen Asoka, Mahabharata and all…
Anyways, there is one point.. if you dig more.. you will find other civilization resting (human skeleton farms) and
one the top of them the current civilization again fighting for survival & the PEACE.
And some resting in peace :- )