Drupal7 release party at IIT Delhi (Day-1, Jan 8th)

Spent a gala time during the release party on Jan 8-9th.

And diary here is my write up for the Day – 1.

Reached around 12:30pm with Sudhir to the presentation room. Indeed very very late!

I had been visiting the IIT almost after two years. As I had been already for Blender Demo in Coda Voda workshop (1st march 2008) and sharing the writeup at my oldest blog. Click me
And as I entered into I saw Pratul Kalia explaining bunch of people on Drupal.

Kinshuk, Kaustubh Srikanth and Ankur saxsena other around too.

Pratul urged to use linux platform in case you contributing code to Drupal’s org repository in terms of patches.

Which is not the usage for me. I have to be on windows to serve the client and user base as a designer or front end developer (or sometimes a jack. If the need arises)

He explained the CVS and what is a patch and how to submit it. And the whole long challenging and community engaging process of patch accepting cycle by the whole community.

If a Drupaler is going to upload a module and contribute in drupal’s org code base. He insisted that after contributing that you also need to maintain that. To make the contribution a healthier one.

If you are contributing a module. Keep on maintaining that.
After Pratul and Ankur, Kinshuk gave a real time demo on Drupal7 installation and the same installation will also be used for foss.in as a smart contribution.

As per the scheduled activities (http://www.drupal7releaseparty.org/india/release-party-drupal-user-delhincr)

Kinshuk and Sudhir took up the Hindi translation task too.

And i volunteered for osscamp.in redesign. Rather I should say took its as realignment task.

For the first day, I have found that folks turn up to venue with pretty nice expectations.

And some of them don’t like the way how it happened for the Day-1.

Most probably some of them had drop the plans on coming on Day-2. And they had miss the D7 cake on day 2 for sure 😀

Meanwhile on the same day, MOMO Delhi was also happening in Noida. Another exciting event for the day.

So that’s for the Day1. All pics from Pratul Kalia’s flickr set