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Messages from Water (Documentary)


60% of human body has water. And highly vital fluid present on blue planet, Mother Earth.
But if the water listens to our messages, music or vibes and reacts, so if there is something completely mystical about it which we have never experienced it.

On this question, there is highly recommend, an eye-opening documentary called
Messages from water, this is an incredible documentary
that features the incredible research work done by the Honorable Dr. Masaru Emoto from Japan.

Watch at

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Finishing off with “HagaKure: The Book of the Samurai”

Well! very happy to found that that the reading of the HagaKure book has been completed. It is great you finish what you start!

And the selected notes/quotes from chapter-10 & Chapter-11 and the last chapter of the same.

And believe me, the real wealth lies at the bottom of the sea.

I have uploaded 38 pics. on flickr in a separate set called HagaKure (II) –
Some of the random & some selected captures embedded below.

The Below one, i think Army of Nation also implements.


Acid test!

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Documentary: Eat your Enemy

Today, I watched a phenomenal documentary called Eat your Enemy.

I strongly recommend you to watch this, to touch your aggressive, violence and spiritual side.

Ok! Let us put in other way… if you have some interest in calligraphy & Japanese martial arts.

And here is the link on Culture

Click To Read more (external link)

Below are some selected frame capture.

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