HagaKure – The Book of the Samurai

Hello Everyone,

I been currently reading Hagakure, which I got to first known from

Smitten by the post, I checked out Ghost Dog. And with the Ghost Dog, I need to have this book also.

So, i would like to share the selected notes from this Special Book!

in the form of captured pics.

Hagakure: The Book Of The Samurai


Here is the Link to the all the caputred pics in set: HagaKure

The Book has been read to 50%, so in the next post.. most probably will be posting rest of the selected photos.


Plus, This is the book i have purchased from

So would like to throw some light on it..

I purchased the book for 375  (INR)

And here is the url

As soon i ordered the book, i got the confirmation call of order.

Just after 10-15 minutes of placing the order online (Dec 6).

And the  email having order details info.

Expected time of delivery was 8 business days.  But in the actual scenario, they needed additional 2-3 days. Which flipkart has explicitly declared already by the notification (separate email).

Anyways, so far so good.. I got my consignment on Dec 19.

I am happy with there service.  And The packaging of the book also.

Good going!