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Hey 2019!

Life is changed. Got married couple of years back. Became father.
Now in role of design mentor, educator, trainer, conflict resolver, problem solver.
In mid of this, I try to find myself who i am. And making sometime for peace.

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Placeholder post 2016

Adding this post in this leap year, past years passed as blank cheque for this blog.

Caught in strange part of land. Huddle and move out of life up and down loops.

Radio signals converted into wi-fi signals. Will write and update this post, as brain start wandering and focus back on this again.


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Thoughts for a Rock Band

Post written on May 10th 2013

i always wanted to sing on stage with some fellow.

cry my heart out and cry out with melody

i have a guitarist, who sits with me… i want to practice hard with him… give some nifty vocal chord exercise

the voice on which people can jump, dance along, which can speak straight to the heart, unlock every door and maze, or any jantar mantar type of architecture, i want to lift their souls up, Saravasti Maa keep me as your bless child. Without you nothing is possible.

world is crazy for Lakshmi mata, but to speak to the hearts you are there on our tongue which further travels to heart and the software of it, which control this.

thought on the name of rock band will be called – AtamHatya

but we want to kill the dark side of our atma, which prevent us to reach to our divine side, atamhayta will be complete spiritual/ruhani band with no vulgar lyrics and no drug, no liquor name, no vulgar words etc.

hunny singh is good, but these guys is high on liquor and on dope also.

why the artist and musicians has to go to such taste liquor, dope and green grass, can’t they utter a single lyrics without it?

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Slide & Audio from my presentation at OSIDays 11

(Posting the immediate feedback)

After the presentation OSI Days 2011:: Catch the 1% in iterative design.

Nobody asked a single question! Audience was silent. As audience had more developers, project managers & only 2-3 designers.

The after effect of this presentation was more of…as asking developers to design. but if they can grab it. They can try that too & Do! It is not about html/css/random language.

It is about The Path. And walking on it. But the path has to be traced.

So, would like to say ‘Welcome to path tracing’.

But for the designers, they can be more KICK Ass & more detail oriented with the theming.

Though one developer(girl) said, “One thing i sure, You are really good at theming. And you can show some more live example..with the code.”

But! aaah! I have to wrap that in 30mins. As per the presentation, was surprised that i wrapped that in 0:28:08

I have also recorded the audio during the presentation. You may check the slide & audio.

I feel that I should present that in more top notch design conferences. As it help you to be more top notch with your front end & theming skills & Talent. Performing beyond the client expectations.

Yeah! thing may suck at some time. I just want to help you, to stay comfortably, not just on your toes. But in relaxed manner.

And over the period of time, will be looking more into path tracing & doing some or little contribution.

Slide link –

Audio link –

Flickr stream –

Hasta La Vista! Baby!


YES! Speaking at OSI Days 2010

Today I am super excited because mine proposal for the talk ‘Harnessing CSS3 for a Beautiful Web’ has been selected.  proposal link

And I will be flying over the clouds to reach Chennai. Time to switch the life balance in Knowledge sharing mode fully for the upcoming event!
Will meet my old friends also there.
A huge event for community building, increasing the knowledge pool, meeting with new people and saying “Hi!” to them. Its the biggest event till date which i am attending and speaking at same time.  Staying tuned for the upcoming destiny 😀

Embed this graphic is a fun. Yippee 😀