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How music heals (mine observation)

For the past two weeks i am listening to Carlos Santana repeatedly

While the music is so seductive and healing. I had few observations of the same.  I want to strongly say when a person listen to these vibes somewhere in the mind, these vibes translated into geometric patterns and these beautiful landscape patterns soothes (well that’s true  in my case) and kick out the stress causing hormones from brain.

Again these are mine observations : – D

So dont feel offended. Just listen to good music only and sail on the carpet and

close your eyes to reach anywhere CARLOSAAHH!!!

And mean time that strongly pushes my desiresto learn guitar or piano

But guitar first.

Dream on!


Why i changed my header to currency version ?

I changed the header of my blog from Learn Earn and Share to £earn €arn and $hare few months back. Why i did it so ?

A small study

That comparison can be deduced to

£ > € > $

If you try to look the Greater than operator from the designer’s perspective it will appear to you as as a small fish is being eaten by a big fish in this case currencies.

These observation is also valid from an individual aspect to companies to Country scenario as well

Where big looks for the small to be its prey.

But where there is abundance of money there is highest probability of deprivation of morality among cultures

So again applying mathematical formulation it becomes an overlapping equation and quite balancing one.

So money wise its

L > E > S equation (1)

And morality and ethics wise

L < E < S equation (2)

The equation(2) is now totally opposite to equation(1)

Combining equation graphically …imposing them one above the other

Our equation looks like this

L<> E<> S

That somewhere shows ongoing balance and fight between two conflicting things.

That happening everywhere if we look around the world.

That where Life is also tries to find out the balance between all the complexities.

So been a victim of this balance ♎ (my sunshine).

I switch to money version of Top header (£ = € = $) to find a balance in between

Where € as a balance (♎) tries to balance out two contrary things here

as in £ and $.

Hence proved

£earn €arn and $hare

These thoughts were getting matured for long so I thought better to spit that out.

Hope you like it or may even not. Well opinion matters. Better to find a balance 😉