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Writeup on Opera meetup with Jon S. von Tetzchner, Ex-CEO and Co-founder of Opera Software (7 Dec 2010, Delhi)

Had a great time on Tuesday 7,2010 while meeting up Mr Jon of Opera software

Reached at the venue Ruby Tuesday by 7:45pm with my mate Javed Anwar

and saw Mr Jon the tallest of us all 😀 sharing the overall Opera experience with folks.


Jon said

  • They worked with the community so early and then come up with usability and ux terms. When no one knows about that much in detail, to make the browser Opera a better one!
  • Opera’s goal is to get everyone online.
  • Give us a device will try our best to let the browser run on it
  • Opera is the top notch/cutting edge company which work with industry to have the web standards in place
  • To follow the web-standards is just not to take about them. Rather implement and follow it
  • about Netscape and how it eventually doesn’t exist
  • The Webkit engine of Safari is actually derived from Konquerer browser engine. And it is actually the of hardwork of KDE Guys. (Very few people know about it. But the geeks in the meetup are sharp enough to know about this. I was impressed badly)

Had some questions which I really wanted to have the answer from Mr Jon and asked.

Which are as follows :

Q. How you educated the UI/UX terms to the community when no one knows about these terms while making Opera  a better browser ?

A. We worked with the community and the feedback helps a lot!

Gaurav Mishra Has an Interesting Question

( Asking the below question )

Q. CSS3 is broken up in modules and not every browser supports the standard css3 syntax, rather been prefixed by vendor terms

say -moz, -webkit, -ms, -o and -khtml. Don’t you think that will again break the WEB and standards  in terms of CSS3 ?

A. Yes! that will break the standards. And better to not to use, till they are fully supported. And if  you still want to use them to be cutting edge this is the current way (vendor prefixes). And you should write an email and asking the browser company to follow the CSS3 standard syntax rather prefixes based css3 rules.

Q. Currently CSS3 has animation capabilities (-webkit-keyframes) and that too by safari based on webkit engine. Is this is the strategy of  Apple to derail the Flash technology (Adobe) ?

A. Yes CSS3 has animation capabilities now. And Apple via its webkit engine is working more into this. Opera is not much into this.

Q. And how Apple’s strategy to kill Flash affects Opera?

A. We are partners with Adobe and won’t affect us much.

Niyam bhushan had asked lots of bouncing questions from Mr Jon


One was “Opera is in partnership with Google and still compets with them”  He also asked questions regarding Dual license.

And  niyambhushan phone was also busy in sending tweets powered by hash tags.


And also try to give an invite to attend the hall of shame initiative by ILUG Delhi community.

After 1:30-1:45 hours there was a call to dinner and TheBigGeek applied the break to keep things as per schedule.

Finished my dinner in 10 minutes. And then I moved to Mr. Jon (busy interacting with geeks) to have more interaction to get the maximum out of time.

And again asked more questions. I want to have 7-8 precious minutes of him.

He is a very humble and easy person as he answered most of the questions with transparency.

Q. Don’t you think IE6 won’t die?

A. It will die and Government body in different parts of the world has also taken the initiatives. But yes! in some asian countries things are still tight.

Q. Why Opera chose Chandigarh as there India Office?

A. Chandigarh is not yet a proper office. But we choose that as city is clean and living standard of people is good there.

I said on this “That may be its a Opera strategy also to go for clean things while working on cleaner web standards strategy”

Also shared my thoughts that also Opera is a very decent browser. But watching so much promotional activities and buzz for 1 year, not beyond that.

And the Opera campus crew strategy is a great way to push the Opera awareness and web standards at the same time.

Also that will help Opera to attract young guns and will provide young blood to have industry and community exposure.

Done with the curious questions I thanked him for his time.

Meet up with lots of new & familiar faces.

The pics in this blogpost are from Gagan Deep’s flickr set. Thanks for Da Clicks Gagan!

Finally Me in the Group Photo

Group pic with Mr. Jon (tallest of us all)  and <i> am with Red collar in blue reebok jacket on the floor!

If not visible 😀 along with all nice folks : )

More Pics for the event are as follows:

My Opera –
Gagan Deep Sapra’s Flickr set –