Take aways & lessons for me from Triggr

Yesterday, just attended with my pal & colleague Tarun

The Design & Technology event – Triggr

The take away i want to summarize here as follows:-

  1. Reach before time & not to miss quality session, specially the one you are really interested in (lesson for me, I missed the first one on UX driven web apps)
  2. A event well rehearsed and well targeted minimize lot of noise and hiccups while the show is on.
  3. Always good to network with people whom you interact more in online mode. Face to Face is life.
  4. Listening to market helps. Client can also help in saving bucks you if they see your cause is good & genuine (Harpreet Grover, Cocubes)
  5. If you are really looking into setting up your own startup. Collaborate with other start up brains. If not professionally, at least stay in touch. Communication solves the problem. Learn from each other experience and the puzzles solved.
  6. If you are really passionate for your project/product. Chances are fairly high that will help build a passionate user base, who love to help you also!  (deduced after discussing with Jay Meattle @meattle)
  7. Food have to be, have to be YUMM! (tasty) And yes it was very GOOD!
  8. Hold onto schedule, don’t leave early. Give some time to yourself.
  9. Marketing campaigning helps a lot & it was brilliant. Effectively done.
  10. And most importantly keep the expectations in check! too much hurts.

Slideshares from Triggr.in :-