Consistency is wearing the same paint for ages without getting bored and without fearing it will fade away.



Now i know why in indian movies the actors circumstances are pathetic till climax

cause he wait till climax for the evil to overfill his quota and he ask to pay for his evil deeds. “Bishum ((((( “


India TC – India’s First twitter conference experience

Weather was nice in Delhi on 9th jan after the heavy fogging on 8th jan.

First we had a hard time finding the location of the event if we go by the name “Paharpur green business center”

But hopefully we reached there on time and as we entered into the center..

my attention was caught by a mini LCD screen displaying twitsnaps.com 6th floor

I was expecting some hoarding or banner there to let the world know about the India TC.

After filling all over necessary details we (sudhir, gaurav, mohak and kinshuk ) headed over to lift and entered into conference room called ‘pine’.

The twitter conference started a bit late as supposed to 2’o clock.

Initially there was networking session I saw lots of unfamiliar faces and some familiar ones

busy in interaction with each other.

We were asked (by Mr. Simarpreet singh) to head over to the

Coffee and snacks (Café lattice) before we can start.

After the snacks we were back in the conference room.

In the panelist there were

Sidin Vadukut, Managing Editor, Livemint.com at HT Media Ltd

Lydia Polgreen, South Asia correspondent for New York Times

Saad Akhtar, flyyoufools.com

Pramit J. Nathan, Marketing and branding professional

And Simar himself

The conference was hosted by K.N. Ajit Narayan and topic was “Is twitter Indian in nature?”

There was discussion around twitter and few of the points which I was able to grab are as follows.

First Simar (Compare infobase) highlighted how the topic “Is twitter Indian in nature?” popped in his mind.

Saad Akhtar said twitter is like Chandni Chowk and twitter is also compared to old havelis.

There was a discussion on Chetan bahgat – 3 idiots’s controversy how they make use of twitter as platform to serve there purpose.

And how industry is harnessing platforms like twitter to gain professionally by generating hype and propaganda.

There are some positive aspects too for e.g. Iran election (Nathan pointed that).

Sidin said celebrities tweeting on twitter gives audience a face to face impression it become more of a real time conversation irrespective of middle man or PR agency.

Twitter is not only used as a phenomenon but as a medium.

It‘s more of breaking news just like India TV breaking news screensaver/bottom ticker

Sidin has shared a wonderful eye opening humorous truth

with us he said

If you interview Lalu Prasad Yadav he would n’t mind what you write about him as long as there is big showcasing picture in newspaper because most of reader/followers are illiterate the big picture will convey that the Lalu ji must be doing really good – Picture speaks.

Nathan said

It has success potential, viral tweets and 3 B’s – Bad, Breaking and branding business.

Linkedin is professional in nature

Facebook is totally a personal place

Twitter is somewhere between professional and personal.

But then at the same time Lydia Polgreen said she uses that for personal purpose

and it is okay to not to answer your cellphone in U.S.A in case you busy

but people here in India wont mind you giving as many as calls if they are not able to have a personal conversation with you.

This reaction somewhere pointed out the strong social culture we have in our country ..even if people curses or love you..there is a existence of strong bond ..at time we may overlook.

More she told in India somewhere the media is conservative in nature.

Simar – pointed how an 18 yr old student who just tweet quotes on twitter and have a decent number of followers.

There was also talk about the ghost tweeting account (Guy Kawasaki – All Top).

After the questions and answers round the conference was concluded by huge round of applause and claps for team behind the twitsnaps.com

And I personally feel as a technical person it gives you lots of kick to your potential and bring lots of loyalty in our organization as a whole.

Had a nice time conversating with Nathan and ended up with golden words by him

“Don’t be judgmental for people for me they basically are shades of GRAY”.

My take on all of above is knowingly and unknowingly twitter is promoting us.

And whatever you write on the web there is a strong sense and responsibility associated with it. You feel responsible or not that is a different issue.

Above all it’s a nice experience to be a part of first India’s twitter conference and better to interact with real people rather than tweeps avatar’s pic

The event do clashed up with slideshare’s hadoop hackday delhi

and couple of events (Samsung and Start up saturday – pointed by mohak).

Since the organizers also planning for more tweet conferences across India. No matter it will give exposure to work force behind twitsnaps.com a decent push. All the very best to you. Hope you will do well.

Looking forward to more conferences ‘Shubh Labh’.



I asked to compete from myself

in morning i woke up as winner

in afternoon i start feeling the competition

in the night it leads me totally and engulf me in the dark

You know what… its my Shadow who start the play with an unstoppable business

but i again prepare for sleep to woke up as winner.


Twitter banned passwords

Go to https://twitter.com/signup
and view source code and search for the banned passwords

And you will see something like this

twttr.BANNED_PASSWORDS = [“111111″,”11111111″,”112233″,”121212″,”123123″,”123456″,”1234567″,”12345678″,”131313”,