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Slide & Audio from my presentation at OSIDays 11

(Posting the immediate feedback)

After the presentation OSI Days 2011:: Catch the 1% in iterative design.

Nobody asked a single question! Audience was silent. As audience had more developers, project managers & only 2-3 designers.

The after effect of this presentation was more of…as asking developers to design. but if they can grab it. They can try that too & Do! It is not about html/css/random language.

It is about The Path. And walking on it. But the path has to be traced.

So, would like to say ‘Welcome to path tracing’.

But for the designers, they can be more KICK Ass & more detail oriented with the theming.

Though one developer(girl) said, “One thing i sure, You are really good at theming. And you can show some more live example..with the code.”

But! aaah! I have to wrap that in 30mins. As per the presentation, was surprised that i wrapped that in 0:28:08

I have also recorded the audio during the presentation. You may check the slide & audio.

I feel that I should present that in more top notch design conferences. As it help you to be more top notch with your front end & theming skills & Talent. Performing beyond the client expectations.

Yeah! thing may suck at some time. I just want to help you, to stay comfortably, not just on your toes. But in relaxed manner.

And over the period of time, will be looking more into path tracing & doing some or little contribution.

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